about amy:
Once upon a time, a little girl was I. A girl who took art lessons and dreamed of being a designer. Who climed trees, and golfed with her younger brother. Who loved fairytails and daydreaming of what dreams may come. A girl who loved to be lovely, loved family and friends, loved to laugh, and loved life with all its ups and downs. 

Through the years there were the usual and unusual hardships we all find somewhere along the way. Dissapointment. Frustration. Struggle. Beginingings, endings, and begin agains. 

Reguardless of what life threw my way, I always tried to be a person who sparkeled with joy, bubbled with love, and offered congagious smile! Life itself is a glorious opportunity why not make the most of it! 

I haved enjoyed the study and application of art and design my whole life. From fashon design to costume design, set design to interior design, construstion to renovation, owning a gift shop to documentry film making. There have been many amazing opportunities along the way, but none more fullfilling than making that ever so memorible day last a lifetime for true love! Thus the begining of AG Bridal in 2009!